Slomatics / Yanomamö Split EP

David Majury, the guitarist of Slomatics met Jason Higson of Yanomamö searching the internet for fuzz guitars and amps. Big ‘hobbies’ of both men and hence this Split EP which is released by Iommium Records.

Yanomamö, a four-headed monster truck from Sydney, was unknown to me. The band has been around for ten years and has released a number of splits, a 10” and an LP. Their latest release is this split with Slomatics.


Side A is for Yanomamö’s Dig Two Graves: slow and heavy sludge that immediately grabs you by the throat. Speaking of throats. Singer Scott Tabone has a voice that makes you shiver. It sounds like it’s coming right from his toes and beyond.

Dig Two Graves is one slow and heavy riff. This continues until three quarters of the track. Bassist Clarence Wandren Albatross then takes over: a slow and distorted bass sound is all you hear with Tabone singing like his sludgey growls are coming right out of his neighbor’s toes: intense! The track ends with some awesome stoner riffs. Yenomamö does not disappoint, quite the contrary. After hearing Dig Two Graves I just want to hear more from these guys.

Slomatics needs no further introduction. Split EPs and LPs are not uncommon for these three gentlemen from Belfast. Earlier this year a split LP with Ungraven was released: a side project of Conan’s Jon Davis. One of a don’t-listen-but-buy-immediately.

Slomatics has re-recorded Griefhound. The track previously appeared on the 2007 released Kalceanna. The song dates from a time when the band members had a dystopian view of the world. Their world view is currently a lot more positive, but Griefhound fits perfectly in the current Covid misery.


Where Dig Two Graves excels in a brutal assault for your ears, Slomatics has a more subtle approach. The song sounds like a slow thick wall of distorted, low tuned guitar sounds. Slomatics has two guitar players and no bass player, which results in a perfect, almost creepy, distorted sound. The subtler part is mainly due to the modest but intense screaming of drummer and singer Marty. When Griefhound is finished it echoes in my head for a long time.

In short, this split is one that should not be missed in your (digital) record collection.

Slomatics / Yanomamö Split EP

10,000 Years – II

It all started with spaceship Albatross, whose mission was to find a place somewhere in the Milky Way as an alternative planet where people could continue to live. After a long journey, the ship disappeared into a wormhole and landed on a planet full of Greek gods. This is a very concise summary of 10,000 years’ debut EP, which was released last year.

10,000 Years – II