El Jafazo – Simbiosis

El Jefazo, which roughly translated means the boss, recently released their second album Simbiosis. Like their self-titled debut from 2016, this album was first offered for download on Bandcamp only. Their self-titled debut was picked up and released on CD via Necio Records and in 2018 on vinyl by Forbidden Place records. El Jefazo toured extensively in home country Peru and neighboring Chile and ended with a concert at Woodstaco 2019. At the end of last year (2020), their second album, Simbiosis, was, again, released on Bandcamp only. Necio Records released the record on vinyl and it was released late March 2020. This Peruvian label also aims to offer underground acts from Peru a wider reach through physical releases on vinyl and a distribution channel in Europe. And it succeeds well.

El Jefazo, a trio from Lima, has been performing instrumental doom, stoner and sludge since 2014. They don’t care what you call it. For more than six years, this “noise” has been the only way for the gentlemen to escape from the everyday worries of their Peruvian existence.

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Simbiosis starts with Serpiente, a quiet warm-up of more than six minutes, where the instruments take turns to speak. What immediately stand out is the guitar sound, which is very reminiscent of the typical acid rock sound of Helios Creed. He developed this sound while listening to Black Sabbath on LSD, but that aside. The second track El Hedonista starts hard, has a fierce tempo. In the last minute and a half, a simple but catchy riff is started which, together with the drums, has an almost hypnotic effect. Unfortunately, this is quickly over. The third track Pulsión de Muerte, the tempo increases considerably in combination with guitar solos and double bass drum. Unfortunately, just like the previous track it is over before you know it. The following songs El Daño Está Hecho and Uranai Baba! are more like a jam session. The shortest song Poltergeist is good heavy, sturdy and has the necessary riffplosions. In this song it is mainly the guitar work of Bruno Sánchez and the pounding drum sound of Renán Monzón that you hear. The last track Drone Gato, the title says it all is slow and heavy.

Simbiosis ends after 34 minutes which is a shortcoming. Some tracks are too short. When the trio is just getting started and heated up the songs are almost finished. And that’s a shame. The songs are well written and a few extra minutes would make it more interesting. I also suspect that they stretch the songs live. Hopefully, flying in the post-corona era will still be allowed to fly and they will come to Europe soon.

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