hazzerd- delirium

Anyone who is familiar with South Park knows that Canada produces pure trash called The Queef Sisters. A show in a show about two sisters who do nothing but enjoy giving pussyfarts in other people’s faces. Thank heaven, Canada also offers real Thrash. Calgary-based band Hazzerd has been thrashing through their country since 2013 and has recently released their second record, Delirium. Leaving aside their first EP, Victimize the Innocent. Officially only thirteen of them have been physical made and sold.

The band is founded by the, then teenagers, Dylan Westendorp on drums and vocals and Brendan Malycky on guitar. Both were inspired by bands such as Exodus, Overkill, Anthrax and Metallica. And unto now the band has changed their name twice, eight members have joined and six of them have left. Often due to clumsy or silly circumstances. Hazzerd continues to make rock solid eighties thrash metal as you could hear on their first album Misleading Evil.


For Delirium, the band says in an interview that they were inspired by Megadeath’s Rust in Peace because of the fast and tight drumming of Nick Menza and the lyrics of Dave Mustaine. Vinnie Moore’s album Mind’s Eye was a source of inspiration because of the tight guitar riffs as well as Iron Maiden’s accurate guitar playing on Piece of Mind. A salient detail is that they only got to know the song The Trooper from the 2006 computer game Guitar Hero II. The only record from this century is Tyranex’ Deathroll that in a whole was a source of inspiration.

You can hear all of these influences in Delirium. The album has ten songs, including two instrumentals. The album opens with a tight finger solo on the guitar in Sacrifice them (in the name of God). This song is the perfect opener for a good thrash metal record. The second song, A Tormented Reality, immediately hits it with heavy riffs, guitar solos and good up-tempo drumming by drummer and singer Dylan Westendorp. Think a bit of Anthrax’s party thrash combined with Overkill’s more serious work.

This continues for two more songs until Call of the Void: The first instrumental song that sounds more like traditional heavy metal. Clocking six minutes makes it a bit too long for me to stay interesting enough. Fortunately, Dead in the Shed comes next. I listen to this track with a big smile on my face: the song reminds me of Bonded by Blood by Exodus. Illuminated Truth follows. This song is a bit slower and sounds a bit more like traditional heavy metal. Waking the Nightmare and The Decline are somewhat similar in structure: they start rather quietly and slowly build up to fast thrash songs. The record ends with the second instrumental track, The End (outro).

Delirium has all the ingredients for a solid thrash record where the above influences are clearly audible. The only downside is that the album feels a bit long and therefore it fails to fascinate the total amount of 50 minutes.